The artist must be an ally of nature because from this nature and from the living we have a lot to learn.


Dear visitor, Hello, I am a professional painter since 1987. I studied in Dijon and in particular at the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon where I met Yan Pei Ming, then unknown at that time (1980 ) I practiced the profession of freelance advertising during the first ten years of my installation, over time, more attracted by painting I took up my brushes to devote myself entirely to painting. I went through the style "Narrative Figuration", criticizing through my painting the flaws of the society of "merchandising" excessively. Our intensive agricultural production methods have turned living things upside down, thereby creating diseases such as mad cow or scrapie ... (This news item gave me the opportunity to express myself on this subject at through some of my paintings) Now, more serene, rather than denouncing as I did in the past like a whistleblower, I prefer to offer more beauty to this world where suffering is shown to us daily through the "mainstream" media with indecency and more by making us feel guilty. No need to add more ... Perhaps you have understood, I love nature, the animal world (cats in particular) and my garden is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Striving to be consistent with my words, I act as far as possible as an informed consumer and player in my consumption choices. Painting is like poetry or music, it is useless and yet like breathing it is essential. The painter just like any other artist is a convinced humanist, also with the robotization which invades us every day more we must also take care with trans-humanism which could make us robots without soul ... We are at the hinge of a new world, it is up to us to make the right choice to find peace with ourselves and nature and thus find harmony ...

 Bruno Tupinier 30/01/2020


David Hockney, Edward Hooper, Raoul Dufy, Le Corbusier, Viera da Siva, Beatles


1974-1979 Ecole des Beaux-Arts Dijon, France
Bruno Tupinier

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1997 Exposition Comadi Dijon, France

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