Added Feb 21, 2020

Ma première exposition à l’hôtel de La Cloche à Dijon 

Added Feb 18, 2020

Mise en situation par ArtMajeur de ma toile

 « Tulipes Angéliques » 

Added Feb 16, 2020

En haut à droite, Tulipes Angéliques 

Added Feb 10, 2020

Tables in preparation on one of my work tables

Added Feb 8, 2020

Vue de mon atelier en grand angle type  “fish-eye” 

Added Feb 8, 2020

Jeu d’ombres et de lumière vers une petite fenêtre à l’est de mon atelier 

Added Feb 4, 2020

Tableaux mis en situation dans mon atelier,

En bas, sont posées sur le sol quelques unes de mes aquarelles 

Added Feb 2, 2020

View of the Place des Ducs in Dijon ( France )

The life of an artist

Added Feb 2, 2020

Dear visitor,

I am aware and I appreciate the chance to have a workshop large enough to paint and express myself.
For me, to create is above all to have imagination. Imagining the subject of his painting before is already an act of creation. We should, from an early age teach the child to develop his imagination, which should not be confused with the imagination.

Imagination is the first creative force in this 3-dimensional universe.

I always painted what I wanted, (apart from the orders of course). From "narrative figuration" to abstraction or watercolor, more figurative art ...

Nothing in common in appearance. But why limit yourself?

Style should not be a neurosis or a repetitive act ...
As for color is life, it is also light and without light, there are no colors.

Painting, is not limited to a pictorial act, it is also to make meetings at the opening, (we do not paint only for yourself or your family). However, in most of the time, the painter is alone in front of his canvas, so he must take advantage of it to know himself. To get to know each other again ...> We are not just a speck of dust in the universe. I think we are all co-creators, but this is in another debate ...

"Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods said Socrates.
the Artist must love life, people, nature ...

It all started with a point in the universe, the famous big-bang ... A point is the embryo of a new world in the making.

The whole (ex: the oak) is in the part (the seed) and the part in the whole (the acorns of the oak). Beyond this metaphor he understand that everything is connected. (see quantum physics)

Understand the contrasts, do not curse the dark, because the light is at the end of the tunnel ... Better to light a small candle than to curse the dark!

Yes, the artist by nature is a philosopher, while being anchored in society.


Bruno Tupinier

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Next exhibition

Added Jan 31, 2020

Goof morning  all ,

Having not yet set a date for the exhibition of new paintings, I can announce that the opening of my workshop will take place in May 2020.

However, my workshop remains open if you are interested in seeing one of my paintings firsthand before perhaps buying it.

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